Wayward Fluffy Publications produces electronic publications for children and grownups, and custom multimedia applications for businesses and private individuals.

Remembery Chips Pixel Book
This interactive electronic book from Wayward Fluffy Publications is not only a delightful tale of a child's imagination and creativity, it also answers the question `What's a computer?' A charming original story with beautiful color illustrations, spoken phrases, personalization, and more, Remembery Chips is the perfect electronic book for parents to share with their young ones (ages 2-8).

Remembery Chips Pixel Book (TM) © 1994 Wayward Fluffy Publications. All rights reserved.

Nuances Pixel Book
Wayward Fluffy Publications has also published the Nuances Pixel Book. Nuances is an original short story by Cathy Faye Rudolph, published as a HyperCard-based Pixel Book. The Nuances Pixel Book is available on the BMUG Boston and Planet BMUG FirstClass BBSes and has a shareware fee of $3. Nuances and images © 1994 Cathy Faye Rudolph. All rights reserved.

Words in Winter
Words in Winter is a multimedia celebration of the season. Send your Mac friends a unique greeting this year, one of original art and music, and winteresque quotes of poets, writers, dreamers, and artists.

Project inquiries are welcome; fees are set on an individual project basis. For more information, please contact Wayward Fluffy Publications by Internet mail.


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