Cathy Faye Rudolph, Digital Artist, on "Planetary Traveler":

"Of the scenes I created, one of the best-received among the artists was "Stained Glass", which married the ideas of broken blocks of colored glass, glazes of once-molten glass, and a landscape of dry gray marbled granite emerging from a gritty brown sand. Primary colors, and light through glass evoke passionate undertones for me, and thus the Stained Glass scene is perhaps my favorite of the set I made for Planetary Traveler. Over the sand and granite terrain are placed fractured blocks of mono-colored glass in primary hues, arranged as if for viewing by an audience. The landscape is also littered with shards and sheets of transparent glass, lending an sense of hazard to a journey through the landscape. That particular shot shows caps and dribbles of molten glass over the stones. Creating that effect took many hours and many cups of strong coffee."

Cathy's "Stained Glass" scene from Planetary Traveler

Cathy's Planetary Traveler video is available for purchase at the Third Planet Entertainment website.

Artist and Designer Biography

Cathy Faye Rudolph is the owner of Wayward Fluffy Publications, a company that specializes in web site design and content management. Cathy's Bryce artworks are frequently integral to client web site design and promotions. Her "Boxworld" theme was the debut design for Planet Direct's web site as well as parent company CMG's annual report. Other site design and consultation clients include such well-known names as CMG, Pappas MacDonnell, Inc., Acme Printing, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Antique Radio Classified, Inforonics, and The Wakefield Corporation. Wayward Fluffy Publications designed the Planetary Traveler web site for Third Planet Entertainment, and the new Daily Apocrypha news site as well as the spoof web company Just Any Idiot Web Design.

The analytical bent in Cathy's artworks can be traced to her ten year career in genetic engineering, pursuing the goal of constructing microorganisms that produced proteins of pharmaceutical interest. Her work led to co-inventor status on several biotechnology patents pertaining to the cloning of interferon and the construction of specialized genetic vehicles for the production of pharmaceutically significant substances.

Ms. Rudolph is the author of "Remembery Chips," an electronic children's book (ISBN 0-9642360-0-1). She is also a columnist and administrator on The Boston BBS, the East Coast online service of Virtual Harbor, Inc.. Her column "What's News" appears daily on the service and the World Wide Web.


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