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Looking for the perfect book or video as a gift for that special someone? Here's what we like and recommend, straight from our own little corner of Amazon.com.


Handspring Deluxe Visor, Green
Handspring Deluxe Visor (Green)
by Handspring

Amazon.com Price: $249
PDA (stands for Pretty Darned Amazing, imho)

  • 8 MB RAM stores thousands of addresses, appointments, to-do items, memos, and more
  • Includes HotSync cradle, snap cover, and leather slip case
  • Fast USB synchronizing for your PC or Macintosh
  • Fully compatible with thousands of Palm OS applications
  • Supports optional expansion modules for MP3 player, pager, modem, GPS, video games, and more

If you use a Mac, then you'll want a Handspring Visor. Yes, I have Apple's eMate, and I still love it and use it. But I'll be shuttling more now between school and home, and I'll need no-nonsense syncing with all the Macs--both USB and serial--that I'll use. Green? Oh, well, I happen to *like* green...

Other Handspring colors and goodies:

Handspring Deluxe Visor (Graphite) -- $249
Handspring Deluxe Visor (Ice) -- $249
Handspring Deluxe Visor (Blue) -- $249
Handspring Deluxe Visor (Orange) -- $249
Handspring Visor USB HotSync Cable -- $19.95
Handspring Visor Serial Hotsync Cradle -- $29.95

Handspring Visor Stylus Rainbow Pack
Handspring Visor Stylus Rainbow Pack
by Handspring

Amazon.com Price: $15.95

Silly to have extra styli? Nah. Plan ahead and get extras in these cheerful colors.

 Handspring Green Case
Handspring Green Case
by Handspring

Amazon.com Price: $29.95

As of this date, the attractive green case is a pre-order item, but should be well worth it!

Handspring Blue Case -- $29.95
Handspring Ice Case -- $29.95
Handspring Black Natural Leather Case -- $39.95
Handspring Orange Case -- $29.95

The Art and Science of Digital Compositing
The Art and Science of Digital Compositing
by Ron Brinkmann

Amazon.com Price: $54.95
Paperback - 400 pages (May 1, 1999)

What's digital compositing, you say? Anymore, it's a staple of all decent television or movie production. Many of my artworks are digital composites of several rendered images. Even with shoes and socks off, I can't count the number of times I've been asked for references for published resource materials about compositing.There just *aren't* any other recent explorations of the very necessary art and technique of digital compositing. I'm really looking forward to this book!

Sugar Busters! : Cut Sugar to Trim Fat
Sugar Busters! : Cut Sugar to Trim Fat
by H. Leighton Steward, et al

Amazon.com Price: $16.77
Hardcover - 270 pages

The nutritionist at my HMO suggested this book when I asked her for a recommendation of a weight-reduction eating plan. This is the first diet I've ever tried that didn't leave me starving or feeling so deprived that making the kids' lunches was torture. No weird supplements, no specially branded proprietary foods, no food scales--just sensible portions and a short list of foods to avoid. Three meals and two snacks a day, I feel FULL! and I'm losing weight. There's an audio version of this book, but I prefer to have the book as a reference. There are some interesting gourmet recipes near the end of the book, so dieting kitchen creatives may be doubly delighted with this book!

Real World Bryce 2
Real World Bryce 2
by Susan Kitchens

Amazon.com Price: $39.96
Paperback - 562 pages / Bk&Cd-Rom edition

Susan was one of the Planetary Traveler team members, and I'm proud to say that I own both of her "how-to-Bryce" masterworks. Her latest, "Real World Bryce 2", has a wealth of background about using the landscape rendering software called Bryce and is a well-illustrated and insightful launch point for Bryce newcomers and experts alike. Yes, O Bryce-aholic, you *need* this book--it should have a home on your reference shelf.

Planetary Traveler, Video, 1997
Planetary Traveler

Amazon.com Price: : $16.99

Video tape, NTSC format (for use in US and Canada only)
Color, Animated, HiFi Sound, NTSC
Rated: NR
Director: Jan C. Nickman

Look on the back of this video's box, and yes, you'll see my name. I'm one of the artists who created the Planetary Traveler worlds. The graceful, scoop-shaped mothership was my creation, as were many of the varied and moody scenes within this feature-length video. Paul Haslinger's music is so atmospheric, the perfect 'guide' from one visually rich world to the next in this cinematic travelogue through an alien planetary system. Thomas and James, my resident aliens, both give this video six thumbs up!

Planetary Traveler, DVD, 1997
Planetary Traveler

Amazon.com Price: : $20.99

DVD, Region 1 encoding (for use in US and Canada only)
Color, AC-3, Animated, Dolby
Production notes
Detailed profiles of all the worlds visited
Overviews of Phleig exploration craft and Phleig culture
Profiles of the artists
Director's notes
Full-screen format
Rated: NR
Director: Jan C. Nickman

Wow, cool! The splendor of the Planetary Traveler imagery, on DVD--plus background about the project, artist profiles, so much information you'll think we filmed Planetary Traveler on location! This is the perfect addition to your DVD collection!

If Mama Ain't Happy
If Mama Ain't Happy
by Tina deVaron

Amazon.com Price: $14.99
Audio CD

Let me put it this way: if you can listen to the first cut on this CD and not cry, you should turn in your "mom license." Tina deVaron's lovely voice and perfect lyrics combine to create a listening experience that captures what it is to be a mother. The title cut, "If Mama Ain't Happy," gets it all right, down to the shoes that SOMEONE didn't put away. Your mom will love this CD!

The Very Best Of The Manhattan Transfer
The Very Best Of The Manhattan Transfer
by The Manhattan Transfer

Amazon.com Price: $11.49
Audio CD

I let a friend listen to my "Best of the Manhattan Transfer" CD, and she liked it so much I thought I would have to mount a raid on her computer to retrieve that great music CD from her CD drive. Well, "The Very Best of the Manhattan Transfer" has all the great selections of "Best of" plus four more super hits. Treat yourself (or your friend) to the melodious and inventive sounds of the Manhattan Transfer. ('The Twilight Zone' and 'Gloria' are my personal favorites!)

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